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University of Toronto Faculty of Information Bachelor of Information
University of Toronto Faculty of Information

Bachelor of Information

Toronto, Canada

2 Years


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The BI is a second-entry professional undergraduate program. Students must have completed at least 20 half university-level courses to be considered for admission.

The Bachelor of Information (BI) considers the interactions between information technologies and social worlds, providing you with the conceptual tools and practical techniques necessary to understand and effect change in a data-intensive society. The BI program integrates design thinking, critical scholarship, and experiential learning.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Come funziona una banca dati?
  • How Google ads seem to reflect what you have been thinking and talking about?
  • How we will manage the growing pile of data, pictures, and records we are creating every day?
  • How organizations are able to manage what they know?
  • Why some companies have a hard time getting people to share information effectively?
  • Whether AI will turn out to be dangerous?
  • Why it’s sometimes really hard to find what you’re looking for on a website?
  • Chi possiede i tuoi dati sui siti di social media come Facebook e Instagram?
  • What is “big data” and why is it so hot right now?
  • What the impact of information technologies is on the environment?
  • How your gender, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation race or education impact your perspectives on privacy, both your own and those around you?

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